Amis d'Uxellodunum  

The Association of the "Amis d'Uxellodunum, Puy d'Issolud"

Extracts from the statutes

Article 1 - Constitution and name :

These statuts define the foundation of an Association entitled : "Les Amis d’Uxellodunum, Puy d’Issolud", regulated by the law of 1st July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901.

Article 2 - Object :

The objectives of the Association are :

bullet Support of the archeological investigations henceforth at Puy d'Issolud

bullet The promotion of the site within the realms of culture, tourism and leisure

bullet Contributing to the restoration of the site within the framework defined by the responsible authorities

bullet Well being and cleanliness of the site

bullet Conservation, protection and defence of the local heritage

Article 4 - General conditions :

The Association engages in carrying out actions in agreement with the head of archeological studies, the Direction Régionale de l’Archéologie, Monuments Historiques, Bâtiments de France and to work in partnership with the joint Syndicat, responsible for coordination of the protection, the restoration and promotion of the site.

Article 5 - Administrative office :

The administrative office is based at the Mairie of Saint-Denis-les-Martel (Lot). It could be transferred elsewhere by demand of the Committee of Administration. In the case of a change of commune the decision must be ratified by an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Article 6 - Duration :

The duration of the Association is unlimited.

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